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Shirakami has it all.

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Ponpoko Yama Park Bungalows

Comfortable bungalows perfect for group travelers!

Make Tofu With a Pro!

Making tofu is simple. Learn how to do it from a pro, and eat your creation!

Hachimori Kankoichi Market

Take a walk through this local weekend market.

Farm Stays in Fujisato Town

Experience countryside living with the warm and welcoming people of Fujisato Town. Genkijuku NPO…

Damako Nabe Cooking Lesson

Try cooking up Akita's popular household meal with locals.

Kiritanpo Cooking Lesson

Make Akita's most famous food, kiritanpo with locals.

Fujikoto Harvest Dance Festival

Hear the clanging of armor as townsmen dance and parade in the streets with fake horse costumes.

Sandcraft in Mitane Festival

Impressive sand sculptures line the beach during this annual summer festival.

Making Chopsticks

Remember your time in the Shirakami area with a souvenir you can make.

Canoe Tour in the Shirakami Area

Row along the Yoneshiro River and enjoy the landscape of Shirakami Sanchi from the water.

Play with Akita Dogs

One of the representative breeds of Japan, walk and play with an Akita Dog in its namesake region.

Kimono Experience at Kaneyu

Try on a traditional Japanese kimono and learn more about former restaurant Kaneyu.

Resort Shirakami Train

A fun activity for any time of the year. See Akita's beautiful nature from the comforts of a train.

Kiwi Harvesting

Pick juicy, organic kiwis at this friendly farmer's orchard.

Build a Canoe

Ride down the Yoneshiro River in your own creation.

Goshonodai Camping Ground

Convenient and breathtaking, walk and watch the sun set over the Sea of Japan.

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