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Shirakami Sanchi is a collective term for a mountainous area that extends from southwestern Aomori Prefecture to northwestern Akita Prefecture and covers approximately 130,000 hectares.

Of this, 16,971 hectares is a natural native virgin beech forest. This part was registered in December 1993 as Japan's first World Natural Heritage Site along with Yakushima.

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Posted 26/05/2020

Mountain roads open in Fujisato town!

Everyday is beginning to feel a little warmer and much of the snow has melted. Route 317 which goes through Fujisato town and onto Aomori prefecture is now partially open. Dairakyo valley, Dakedai fo...

Posted 29/04/2020

Shirakami Life: Creating Akita fans through sake and storytelling

Akita prefecture, with its sprawling rice fields and untainted water, is known across Japan for producing delicious sake. And in Noshiro city, there's arguably no one that knows more about the tastes...

Posted 2/03/2020

Here are the top places to see cherry blossoms in the Akita Shirakami area!

The cherry blossom forecast for Akita is out! Start your hanami plans here: Cherry blossoms are expected to bloom a little earlier this year, with forecasts suggesting April 5 through 11 being pri...

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