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This website is a photograph collection operated by Akita Shirakami Tourism on behalf of Noshiro City. Please be sure to read these provisions carefully before using the site. Users of the site will be deemed to have agreed to each of these provisions.

1. Use of the site shall be for the purpose of introducing Akita Shirakami and promoting tourism only.

2. You may not use the site for any purpose to which the following apply.

  1. Violation of public order or morals
  2. Political, religious, or adult entertainment-related activities
  3. Violation of laws and ordinances
  4. Infringement of copyright, etc.
  5. Activities which may cause damage to the reputation of any individual
  6. Any activities other than the above deemed to be unacceptable

3. Duplication and sale, distribution, transfer or lending of the image data is prohibited.

4. Use of the photographic materials on this site which damages the image of Noshiro City or the photograph, or any processing or editing of the materials which may cause such damage is prohibited.

5. The copyright and licensing rights for the tourism photographic materials on this site belongs to Noshiro City. Please sufficiently credit Noshiro City as the owners of the image(s) when using or reproducing them.

6. To use any photos, registration is required in advance. New User Registration >


  1. Noshiro City does not possess the image rights, trademark rights, patent rights, etc. to any of the people, buildings or places depicted in the photographic materials. In the event that the user performs any activity that requires negotiation regarding these rights, they shall conduct the negotiations themselves. In the event that any dispute arises concerning these rights, we ask that the user handles and resolves them on their own responsibility.
  2. Users are solely responsible for any acts performed using our services the results thereof. Additionally, in the event that the user causes damages to Noshiro City, Akita Shirakami Tourism, or a third party, they shall make compensation for these damages on their own responsibility and at their own expense. Furthermore, even in the event that change, interruption or suspension of this service causes damage or disadvantage to the user, neither Noshiro City nor Akita Shirakami Tourism will bear any responsibility.
  3. After using this service, please send any deliverables to Akita Shirakami Tourism as electronic data (pdf file of the relevant section, website URL, etc.).
    This usage agreement is effective from November 30th 2019.