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Trekking the Beech Tree Forests

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A symbol of the Shirakami Sanchi area, bathe in the tranquil forests of Dakedai and Tomeyama.

Trekking the Beech Tree Forests

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Part of Shirakami Sanchi was registered as a World Natural Heritage Site for having “one of the world’s largest natural virgin beech forests, hardly affected by human influences.” Having been around since the Last Glacial period, beech trees play a significant role in the landscape of the Shirakami Sanchi area. Often referred to as “natural water basins,” they are able to collect, store, and filter rainwater throughout the year — leading to exceptionally clean water in its surrounding areas.

Come and experience the serenity of an age-old forest, which closely resembles the beech tree forests of the World Natural Heritage Site’s prohibited core zone. Feel the soft soil beneath your feet; bathe in the sunlight that seeps through the thin leaves, and on a rainy day notice how the forest leaves shield you like an umbrella. Lush green in the spring and summer, and a warm gold in autumn, these forests can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Dakedai Forest

Bordering the World Natural Heritage Site zone, this forest is most famously known for an enormous beech tree thought to be over 400 years old. Here, you can lose yourself in another world, with crooked trees resembling animals, and moss covered rocks creating a soft green blanket along parts of the forest floor.

The trail itself is beginners’ level and can be done within an hour. Along the way, fill up on cold, refreshing water from a natural spring. Bathrooms are available at the trailhead, and rest benches are scattered throughout.

Address: Fujikoto, Fujisato,Yamamoto,Akita 018-3201

Tomeyama Forest

This forest is convenient for those traveling along Akita’s coastline on Route 101. Nestled deep within the Shirakami Mountains, it can only be accessed with a guide, which can be reserved through the Happo Guide Association. Like Dakedai, Tomeyama is a beech tree forest that offers a pure hiking experience. With a wooden boardwalk covering part of the trail, and little-to-no slopes this trail is also a good beginner level choice that can be done within an hour. En route to Tomeyama Forest, visitors can also stop at Shirataki Shrine — a local shrine that boasts a large waterfall on its grounds.

There are no bathrooms available near this trail.


Guided tours of Tomeyama Forest start at 4,000 yen
Free Parking Available

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