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Try ‘Sawa aruki’ (River Trekking)

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Enjoy summer in the Shirakami Mountains with a refreshing river trek experience.

Try ‘Sawa aruki’ (River Trekking)

In ancient times, waraji (Japanese traditional sandals made of rice straw) were worn to travel across remote areas deep in the mountains. Walking across clear streams with straw-covered shoes is a special experience that is worth a try.

You will assemble at the World Heritage Conservation Center, Fujisatokan and then head out to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shirakami Sanchi, by vehicle. Experience walking across the pristine waters of Shirakami Sanchi. On a hot day, you can also go swimming. Enjoy a hearty lunch on the banks of a clear stream. Spend a day engaging all your five senses in an untouched natural world.

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- Party of 4 or more: 9,800 JPY (6 to 70 years old)
- Party of 3: 13,000 JPY (6 to 70 years old)
- Party of 2: 18,500 JPY (6 to 70 years old)
- Party of 1: 36,000 JPY (6 to 70 years old)

If you would like to walk wearing tabi footwear that were worn by people in Shirakami Sanchi in the past, an additional ¥6,500/person applies (Please tell us your shoe size; the tabi footwear can be taken with you after the tour).
Activity Length
6 ~ 8 hours (varies by area)
Date / Time
9:00 ~ 17:00, summer months
Operation period
June to September
Participant Capacity
1 - 15
Minimum Participants Required
Meeting Place
Mori no Eki
Postal Code
38-2 Fujikoto Satoguri, Fujisato-cho, Yamamoto-gun, Akita Prefecture
Phone Number
Free parking lots
Notes / Other
Please bring shoes for walking in a mountain valley (if you don’t have any, sneakers or water shoes that can get wet; your shoes will be wrapped in straw to prevent slipping on the smooth riverbed), change of clothing, and lunch.

*Please drive to the field. Please inquire if you do not have a vehicle.

Business / Company / Operator Details

Akita Shirakami Guide Association
(+81) 185-79-2518
Year-end and New Year holidays

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