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Tenku no Fuyajo Festival

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Impressive lantern floats illuminate the night sky during this annual festival.

Tenku no Fuyajo Festival

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Tenku no Fuyajo is a modern festival inspired by ancient tradition. It began in 2013, after the discovery of a Meiji-era photograph, that depicted a large, Nagoya castle-shaped lantern float. This lantern float was recreated in its original size of 17.6-meters. Later, another float was created — towering at 24.1-meters, the Chikasue float is the tallest castle-shaped lantern float in Japan!

Every year in early August, these floats are pulled and paraded in Noshiro City along Route 101 beginning at Noshiro City Hall. Marvel at their size and design, and be carried away by the lively atmosphere and local people.

Take the JR Gono Line to Noshiro Station. The parade route is about a 15-minute walk from there. Paid parking is also available at surrounding locations.

Festival Dates: 2 August 2024 (Friday) and 3 August 2024 (Saturday)

Tanabata Lantern Floats

  • Large-sized Tanabata float – Chikause (24.1m)
    Large-sized Tanabata float – Karoku (17.6m)
  • Noshiro-waka
  • Taikodaisha (float used to carry taiko drummers)

★2023 Time Schedule:

18:00     Te-odori (traditional Japanese dance performance)

18:20     Opening ceremony – Greetings and Ondo-age performance

18:30     Start of parade

19:40     Fureai time
              *Spectators are welcome to take photos with the floats and parade participants.

20:20     Closing performance – Soroiuchi


Activity Length
Around 2.5 hrs
Date / Time
From 6:00 - 20:35
Operation period
Early August
Parade route: Noshiro City Hall intersection ~ Torimachi (along National Route 101)
Notes / Other
⚠️Points to Note:

●Special Traffic Regulations (17:30 p.m. - 22:00 p.m.)
★ Limited Access Area: Route 101 from Shonanmachi intersection to Ōmachi intersection.
★Full Road Closure: Route 101 from Torimachi intersection to the Shiyakushoiriguchi intersection.
★Detour route: Please use Hatamachi Ōdōri on Route 205.

●Use of drones is strictly prohibited. Drones are not allowed on event premises including traffic limited and restricted areas.

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