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Yomemi Festival

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Celebrating Love and Tradition at Hiyoshi Shrine

Yomemi Festival

Nestled in the quaint streets of Noshiro City lies the enchanting Hiyoshi Shrine, a place where timeless traditions and heartfelt prayers converge in the vibrant spectacle known as the Yomemi (bride-seeing) Festival. Brimming with cultural and historical significance, this annual spring event is a cherished highlight on the local calendar.

On the day of the festival, newlywed brides adorned in stunning wedding kimono, make their pilgrimage to the shrine to offer prayers for everlasting happiness and prosperity. This heartfelt gesture not only expresses gratitude for the blessings of a blissful union but also pays homage to the deity enshrined at Hiyoshi Shrine, revered as a matchmaker god in the community’s folklore.

In the past, the Yomemi Festival was a gathering of newlyweds, their vibrant attire echoing the colours of spring blossoms as they embarked on a procession along the shrine’s sacred path. Over time, the festival evolved, with modern touches adding new layers of meaning and inclusivity. Today, unmarried women join the festivities, their hopes for a harmonious union adding to the festival’s aura of hope and possibility.

For travellers seeking to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Japanese culture, this unique festival offers a glimpse into the customs and beliefs that have shaped the community of Noshiro City for generations.

Date: 18 May 2024 (Saturday)

Festival venue: Hiyoshi Shrine in Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture

Access: About a 10-minute walk from JR Noshiro Station


Admission is free
Operation period
Late May
3-24 Goshinan-machi, Noshiro, Akita Prefecture 016-0815
Limited parking spaces available on-site.
Please use the car parks at Yamamoto Regional Promotion Bureau or Noshiro City Hall.
Notes / Other
For inquiries, contact the Noshiro Tourism Association via email (

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