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Noshiro Berabo Kites

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Traditional kites painted with a silly facial expression.

Noshiro Berabo Kites

Categories:   Traditional, Art/Crafts

These kites were originally considered to be talismans. However towards the end of the Edo era, they became popular toys for both children and adults. Berabo kites are colorful. The most iconic Berabo design shows a face sticking a tongue out.

Visit Kitaman Shop in Noshiro City (address below) — the last Berabo-making shop in the area, and see a variety of handcrafted Berabo kites. Only a 10-minute walk from JR Noshiro Station. In addition, Noshiro City hosts a kite flying competition every year in mid-April. See the Berabo kites take to the sky during this event.


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7-3 Hiyoshimachi, Noshiro, Akita
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