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Mikoshi no Takiabi Festival

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"Wasse, wasse!" Hear the townsmen chant as they purify a mikoshi under the Shirataki Waterfall.

Mikoshi no Takiabi Festival

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For this annual festival, townsmen gather at 7 a.m. to parade a mikoshi, portable shrine, through the surrounding neighborhood. After a morning of heavy lifting, they finish at the basin of the Shirataki Falls behind Shirataki Shrine where they carry the mikoshi through its waters to purify it.

Take the JR Gono Line to Higashi-Hachimori Station. From there, Shirataki Shrine is about a 20-minute walk. Parking alongside the road is also an option for those driving.

Festival Dates: August 1st


Postal Code
10 Hachimoritate, Happo, Yamamoto, Akita
Free Parking Available

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