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Moritake Kabuki

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Traditional Japanese theater with a local Akita twist.

Moritake Kabuki

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Kabuki is a form of traditional Japanese theater that dates back to the early 17th century. It is known for intricate costumes, bold makeup, sharp movements, and elaborate staging.

Moritake Kabuki has been performed for over 200 years, and is a local production put on by community members – both young and old. It mixes traditional kabuki with local dialect and regional tales, making it unique even within Japan. These days, visitors can enjoy children’s kabuki during the day at the Mitane Yamamoto Furusato Cultural Center, in addition to the main evening performance at Moritake Hachiman Shrine. This event takes place every September. 


Things to bring
This is an outdoor event. Bringing a tarp and bug spray is recommended.
Postal Code
32 Iwase, Moritake, Mitane, Yamamoto, Akita

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