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Resort Shirakami Train

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A fun activity for any time of the year. See Akita's beautiful nature from the comforts of a train.

Resort Shirakami Train

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See northern Japan’s landscape from a different angle. Take a ride on the Resort Shirakami train. Running on the Gono line from Akita Station to Aomori Station, passengers can enjoy Akita’s natural landscape throughout all of the seasons. See the Shirakami mountains stand tall against the rocky cliffs of Akita’s coast; and in the spring and summer, pass through fields of wild flowers and wave at local farmers.

This special train slows down at scenic spots and provides background on each area, giving passengers lots of time to take pictures and learn more about the Shirakami region. A traditional shamisen performance (only on selected dates) and an interior designed with wood locally-sourced from Akita adds an authentic feel to this train ride.

Snacks, beverages, and railway goods can be purchased at the self-checkout sales counters on Car 2 of the ‘Buna’ and ‘Aoike’ trains. Be sure to have your credit card or any form of cashless payment ready, as these counters do not accept cash payments!

Passengers can even try their hand at a basketball shooting challenge at Noshiro Station on their ride up the route. Unexpected views and activities make this train ride a unique and exciting adventure. We recommend starting this train adventure at Higashi-Noshiro Station in Noshiro City!

[JR EAST Info line]
Hours: 10:00 – 18:00
Domestic: 050 – 2016 – 1603
International: +81 (50) 2016 – 1603 (English, Korean, and Chinese assistance available)
JR East Pass (Tohoku area):

JR-EAST - East Japan Railway Company


JR Rail Passes can be used for this train, if seats are reserved in advance.

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