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Build a Canoe

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Ride down the Yoneshiro River in your own creation.

Build a Canoe

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Design and build your own canoe at Tenjin Kobo. This woodworking shop offers woodworking lessons and guided canoe tours. Based inside a former elementary school, visitors can enjoy making a canoe in a fun and memorable environment.

Tenjin Kobo’s original canoe structure is wide, stable, and easy to ride. Visitors can choose to buy a kit and build their canoe themselves, make their canoe with instructors, or buy a finished canoe. Year-round canoe storage at the facility is also available for only 3,000 yen/year.


Starting at ~15,000 yen
Regular Holidays
Only closed on Mondays, between June and October.

Otherwise, closed on Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays (Can open on holidays with reservation)
Business Hours
9:00 ~ 16:00
Postal Code
38-1 Tenjinmichigami. Kotsunagi, Futatsui, Noshiro, Akita
Phone Number
(+81) 185-88-8815
Fax Number
(+81) 185-88-8814
Free Parking Available

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