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Posted 25/11/2022

Cycling around Shirakami Sanchi

Be it for professionals or for those who love it as a hobby, the diverse topographical features of the Shirakami Sanchi make it the ideal location for the adventurous cyclist. As an eco-friendly mean...

Posted 29/12/2021

Try ‘Sawa aruki’ (River Trekking)

In ancient times, waraji (Japanese traditional sandals made of rice straw) were worn to travel across remote areas deep in the mountains. Walking across clear streams with straw-covered shoes is a sp...

Posted 15/09/2020

Craft wool accessories at Chiku Chiku House!

Chiku chiku can be translated to pricking. Using a needle, repeatedly poke wool to create cute decorations and accessories at this small shop in Fujisato! The ladies that work here are masters of thi...

Posted 4/09/2020

Farm Stays in Fujisato Town

Experience countryside living with the warm and welcoming people of Fujisato Town. Genkijuku NPO works with six farm guesthouses to provide visitors with an authentic Japanese experience complete wit...

Posted 2/09/2020

Shirakami Foliage Walk and Nabekko Picnic

Spend a day going around viewing the beautiful foliage in Shirakami Sanchi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will meet at the World Heritage Conservation Center, Fujisatokan. We will then head to Shi...

Posted 21/11/2019

Fujikoto Harvest Dance Festival

This two-day festival in Fujisato Town is most famous for the koma odori horse dance, which is performed by local townsmen throughout both days. The koma odori is a 400-year-old traditional dance. Da...