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Cycling around Shirakami Sanchi

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Set off on a 2-wheeled adventure around an 8,000-year-old beech forest!

Cycling around Shirakami Sanchi

Be it for professionals or for those who love it as a hobby, the diverse topographical features of the Shirakami Sanchi make it the ideal location for the adventurous cyclist. As an eco-friendly means of getting around, it also contributes significantly to the conservation efforts of the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site and its surrounding area.

Here’s a useful guide to the bicycle rental services available at the southern end of the Shirakami Mountains

Fujisato Town

1. Minami-Shirakami Base

• Noshiro City

2. Road Station Futatsui
3. Noshiro Shimin Plaza

• Happo Town


1. Minami-Shirakami Base

Embark on an adventurous bicycle tour through beautiful terraced rice fields at the foot of Shirakami Mountains. Take a break at the Kasugano Observatory deck with a panoramic view of the sea of paddy fields at the base of the ‘satoyama’ (Japanese term for the area between mountain foothills and flat land where people coexist with nature). Fujisato is also home to a number of firefly habitats – you may catch a glimpse of them at night if you’re visiting around late June to early July.

Bikes for rent: 7 mountain bikes, 3 road bikes, 6 helmets

Rental fee: [Full day] 2,000 yen
                  [Half-day] 1,500 yen

Rental Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.

Things to note:

  • TS insurance is included in the rental fee.
    (In the event of an accident, the insurance only covers bodily injury and property damage to the other party. The person who caused the accident will be responsible for his/her medical expenses and bike repair costs).

Location:  52 Nemaru Base, Aza Fujikoto, Fujikoto, Fujisato town, Yamamoto-gun, Akita Prefecture

0185-74-6102 (9:00-17:00)


Closed: On weekends and public holidays

2. Roadside Station Futatsui

Enjoy calming views of the tranquil Yoneshiro River as you cycle through the courses behind Roadside Station Futatsui and popular power spot Kimimachizaka Park, with pleasant scenery in all seasons. The scenic park is particularly well known for its cherry blossoms in spring and fall foliage in autumn.

Bikes for rent: 4 Cross bicycles (2xSize S & 2xSize M) and 2 tandem bicycles
*Helmets, sunglasses, and pouches are available for free rental.

Rental fee: [Cross bicycle] 100 yen for 1 hour
                  [Tandem bicycle] 200 yen for 1 hour

Child policy: Children must be elementary school age or above. Children below high school age are required to be accompanied by parents or a guardian.

Rental hours: Every day from 9:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m. (cannot be reserved in advance)
Rental period: April to October

Return time:
Before 17:00 p.m. (return to the original rental location)

Things to note:

  • Be sure to fill out the rental application form before use.
  • Only 1 bike can be rented per person at a time.
  • Rental and returns should be done during specified business hours.
  • This is a same-day rental service (usage is limited to one day). In principle, rentals are not available for two or more consecutive days.

Address: 51 Izumi, Kotsunagi, Futatsuimachi, Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture

Telephone: 0185-74-5118 (9:00 – 18:00)

Closed: 1 & 2 January

3. Noshiro Shimin Plaza

Thanks to its convenient location near Noshiro station, you can easily rent an electric bike and start exploring the city! Stop by the city’s cozy cafes for a quick break or light meal. Enjoy seeing the amusing illustrations, artwork, and various symbols of the ‘City of Basketball’ as you ride along the city streets.

Bikes for rent: 2 electric bicycles

Rental fees: [Up to 3 hours] 500 yen (if the rental time exceeds 3 hours, an extension fee of 500 yen will be charged)
                    [Over 3 hours] 1000 yen

Rental hours:  10:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m.

Things to note:

  • A rental application form must be completed and an identification document must be presented at the counter of Shimin Plaza.
  • You must agree to the rental terms and conditions.
  • If the weather is bad, the rental service may be suspended for the day.

Address: 7-17 Motomachi, Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture

Telephone: 0185-88-8161 (Only Japanese available)



Just a 5-minute walk from Higashi Hachimori Station! Pick up your electric-assisted rental bike at this stylish cafe located along the scenic Route 101, and set off to explore the charming seaside town of Happo, dotted with picturesque sightseeing spots like Shirataki Shrine and Shirataki Falls.
Enjoy cycling with electric assistance up to 70km✨

Bikes for rent: 3 electric-assisted bicycles

Rental fee:
1000 yen for 1 hour
2500 yen for 3 hours
4000 yen for 6 hours
*Liability and property damage insurance premiums are included in the rental fees listed above.
*Helmets are provided.

Rental period: April to November

Rental hours: 10:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m.

Cancellation policy: No cancellation fees.

Return time: By 16:00 p.m.
*Return bike and helmet after use by pre-scheduled time or no later than 16:00 p.m.

Things to note:

  • Fill out the rental application form at the cafe before use (personal ID is required).
  • Only cashless payments are accepted.
  • Advance reservations are accepted.
  • While there are no specific age restrictions, the bicycle seats cannot be adjusted, therefore it is not recommended for small children.

Address: 13-1 Hachimori, Hachimori, Happo Town, Akita Prefecture

Telephone: +81 (0) 70-1146-9430 (Only Japanese available)
Instagram (DM for reservations)

Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

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