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Hachimori Kankoichi Market

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Take a walk through this local weekend market.

Hachimori Kankoichi Market

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A fun activity for those who have a free morning during the weekend. Local vendors gather at the Hachimori Kankoichi Market to sell fish, vegetables, fruits, and special dishes. Visitors can buy fresh seafood and cook them on the spot. This market operates every Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM, but it is highly recommended that you visit before noon, as businesses sometimes close early.

Grilling costs 100 yen per person, and you can pay at the stall in the middle of the building. Request irori (Japanese sunken hearth) and the attendant will understand. We recommend grilling scallops (hotate), shrimp (ebi), or mackeral (hokke)!


Business Hours
Sat. and Sun. 9 AM ~ 5 PM (go before noon to ensure all vendors are open)

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