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Hachimori Kankoichi Market

Take a walk through this local weekend market.

Hiyama Natto

Infamous for its smell, challenge your palette with this local natto.

Michi No Eki, Roadside Stations

A great place to stop as you drive through Akita. Rest and try local foods and produce.

A Guide to Junsai

Nicknamed "Emeralds of the Water," these water vegetables are known for their health and beauty ben…

Shirakami Sake

Brewed with Akita's famously delicious rice and the clean waters of World Heritage Site Shirakami S…

Shirakami Vegetables

Grown with the clean water of World Heritage Site Shirakami Sanchi, these crops are fresh and bount…

Grilled Squid

Fresh squid caught off of Akita's coast, grilled and seasoned to perfection.

Jappu Sherbet

This sweet and colorful sherbet has been cooling off locals for decades.

Okina Ame Candy

A timeless candy made with a secret family recipe.

Izakaya Sakedoko Berabo

Enjoy eating and drinking among locals in this cozy Japanese-style bar.

Izakaya Iki

Taste local flavors at this Japanese-style bar.

Boschetto Bakery

The warm and inviting smell of fresh bread will have your mouth watering as soon as you walk in.

Shinko, Japanese Dessert

The perfect Japanese sweet for those who like the traditional taste of red bean paste.

Babahera Ice Cream

Look out for the roadside parasols on a hot day and try one of Akita's most famous treats.

Shirakami Lamb

All natural, grass-fed lamb from the Shirakami area.