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Goshonodai Camping Ground

Convenient and breathtaking, walk and watch the sun set over the Sea of Japan.

¥1,000 ~

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Kurumidai Camping Ground

Hidden in the forests of the Shirakami Mountains, be one with nature at this camping ground.

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Subari Camping Ground

Offering more than just a campsite, this camping ground is great for those traveling with families.

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Ishikurayama Camping Ground

Enjoy camping comfortably with scenic views.

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Cherry Blossoms

Leave the crowds and enjoy Japan's cherry blossoms in our quiet part of Akita Prefecture.

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Cool off at sandy beaches or rocky shorelines during the hot summer months.

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Bird Migration at Otomonuma Marsh

See hundreds of migrating wild birds rest, and take off at this hidden marsh.

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Lavender Fields at Ponpoko Yama Park

Fill your nose with the scent of fresh lavender as you walk through these fields.

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Sunset Spots

Take a breath and see the sun set over the Sea of Japan from these prime locations.

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Shirakami Fall Foliage

Vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges - see the Shirakami Sanchi area transform in autumn.

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Feel the clean Shirakami water spritz on your face at these local waterfalls.

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Hiking in Shirakami Sanchi

Hike the area's lush mountains and see sweeping views of the Shirakami Sanchi World Natural Heritag…

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Kaze no Matsubara Forest

Walk through one of Japan's largest black pine groves.

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Subari Dam

A hidden scenic spot that plays an important role in the Shirakami area.

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Kimimachizaka Park

This park offers more than just beautiful scenery, it holds a history of love.

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Juniko Lakes

"It's not dye?!" Bright blue Aoike Pond and Wakitsubo Pond will have you questioning your eyesight.

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