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Cool off at sandy beaches or rocky shorelines during the hot summer months.


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Kamayahama Beach

Enjoy swimming in the cool, clear waters of Kamayahama Beach. Watch the wind turbines that dot the coastline spin slowly with the breeze, and see the Shirakami Mountains and Oga Peninsula in the distance. During the summer months, visitors can enjoy shaved ice and other foods at one of the few snack shacks along the beach.

At the end of July, admire large, intricate sand sculptures during the annual Sand Craft in Mitane Festival.

Free parking and restrooms are available. Located off of Route 7, this is a great option for those traveling by car from Akita City.

Address: Kamayahama Beach, Kamaya Okuchi, Mitane, Yamamoto District, Akita 018-2406, Japan

Takinoma Waterfront

Accessible by both train and car, this rocky waterfront is a fun and convenient place to cool off. Climb the weathered rocks, and swim in the shallow pools of water. Showers, bathrooms, and free parking are available.

By train, get off at JR Takinoma Station and walk about 10-minutes.

Address: Takinoma Hachimori, Happo, Yamamoto District, Akita 018-2623, Japan

Iwadate Waterfront

Like Takinoma Waterfront, this is a rocky waterfront — great for swimming and looking for small sea creatures. With rocky barriers blocking big waves, this is a good option for families traveling with young children.

By train, get off at JR Iwadate Station and walk about 10-minutes.

Address: Wadaomote-221 Hachimori, Happo, Akita, Japan

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