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Kimimachizaka Park

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This park offers more than just beautiful scenery, it holds a history of love.

Kimimachizaka Park

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Rugged cliffs jut out of the forest to create a beautiful backdrop for this park. Coupled with the impressive view of surrounding mountains and the Yoneshiro River, this is the perfect place for those wanting to see Akita’s renowned nature quickly. A small cafe, picnic tables, and a couple of short trails make this park good for both relaxing and trekking.

But what makes this park extra special is in its namesake. Kimimachi can be translated into “wait for you.” During the Meiji period, as the then Emperor traveled through Tohoku’s harsh terrain, his wife sent a love letter to this park, to be given to him upon his arrival. From the eternal love bell to the Koibumi Shrine where visitors can pray for romance, the theme of love lives on at Kimimachizaka Park. Moreover, send a letter from the park’s post box and it will be stamped with a special heart mark.

Pink with cherry blossoms in spring, green with the lush vegetation of summer, red with vibrant Japanese maple in autumn, and white with powdery snow in winter — this park is breathtaking all year-round.

Free parking and bathrooms are available on the premises, along with a camping area.


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114-10 Nakajima, Kotsunagi, Futatsuimachi, Akita,

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