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Kumiko Woodworking

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Intricate designs, made using a traditional technique.

Kumiko Woodworking

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Kumiko is a traditional woodworking technique that assembles small wooden pieces to create intricate patterns on things such as containers, ornaments, and partition screens. No nails or staples are used. Instead, chisels, planes, and saws are used to make small adjustments to each wood piece, so that they can be fitted together perfectly to create a particular design.

Visitors to the Shirakami area can see kumiko products on display at Kaneyu in Noshiro City (information below) — including one large piece that portrays Kaze no Matsubara forest made by famous kumiko artisan, Takeda Hisao.


Entrance: Free
Guided Tour Fee: 200 yen
Regular Holidays
Dec. 29 ~ Jan. 3
Business Hours
Open Everyday: 9:30 ~ 16:30
Postal Code
13-8 Yanagimachi, Noshiro, Akita
Phone Number
(+81) 185-55-3355
Free Parking Available
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