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Try Japanese archery at Kyoshoji!

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A private dojo inside a peaceful temple! Beginners are welcome!

Try Japanese archery at Kyoshoji!

Experience archery at Kyoshoji, a serene Japanese temple in Noshiro City, across the famous ‘Kaze no Matsubara’—an experience that even beginners can enjoy! After changing into a traditional uniform known as ‘Dogi’, learn about the history, spirit, and tools of the ancient art of kyudo. The kyudo instructor, chief priest of the temple and a veteran with over 50 years of archery experience, will then carefully teach you how to do archery the Japanese way. Test your skills by competing against everyone at the mini-tournament held at the end. Be sure to say hello to Hanako, the temple’s friendly Bernese mountain dog!

Please note that the entrance is not in front of the temple, but on the Kaze no Matsubara side.

~ Flow of the day ~
①Greetings/change of clothes (15 minutes)
②Introduction to Kyudo (15 minutes)
③Demonstration and experience [Break in the middle] (60 minutes)
④Mini competition (15 minutes)
⑤Commemorative photo, drink service


4,000 yen (for 1 person)
5,500 yen (2 - 11 people)
*Age limit: 12-90 years
Activity Length
1 to 2 hours
Minimum Participants Required
Meeting Place
Kyoshoji (Buddhist temple in Noshiro City)
5-12 Haginodai, Noshiro, Akita 016-0894 (entrance is on the Kaze no Matsubara side)
Free parking is available on temple premises

Business / Company / Operator Details

のしろやまもととらべる白神物語 (Noshiro Yamamoto Travel Shirakami Monogatari)
〒016-0025 Akita Prefecture, Noshiro City, Yanagi-machi 8−1, サイトウビル 2F
+81 185-57-3341
Business hours
Closed on weekends and holidays

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