Cherry blossoms to bloom early this year!

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Cherry blossoms to bloom early this year!

Here is our 2023 list of sakura viewing spots in Akita Shirakami

We hope everyone is as excited as we are to see sakura early this year! Check out the latest additions to our 2023 list of recommended spots to catch the best of these delicate pink petals in the area.

  1. Noshiro Park
  2. Sakura Niwa (cherry blossom garden) at Noshiro City Hall
  3. Goshonodai (Fureai) Park
  4. Tahoin Temple
  5. Sozaburonuma Park
  6. Kimimachizaka Park
  7. Sakurazutsumi Park in Fujisato
  8. Sakurazutsumi Park in Futatsui
  9. Sakura Tree Avenue in Higashi Noshiro
  10. Ishikurayama Park

Looking for detailed information on each spot?
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