Beyond Cherry Blossoms: Exploring Akita Shirakami’s Vibrant Spring Delights

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Beyond Cherry Blossoms: Exploring Akita Shirakami’s Vibrant Spring Delights

Discover these Lesser-Known Spring Wonders!

Dive into Akita Shirakami’s spring scene before the cherry blossoms steal the spotlight. Enjoy these early springtime activities, avoiding the crowds and immersing yourself in a world of distinct seasonal adventures this April.

Here are the latest updates on the spring experiences available now. 

  • Spring Cycling in Futatsui 

    Grab a rental bike at Roadside Station Futatsui and explore this charming Town of Love Letters. Choose from three recommended courses: Discover the enchanting Kimimachizaka Park, explore the bustling Futatsui shopping street, or conquer the scenic trails of Mt. Nanakura.

  • Babahera ice cream or Jappu?

    Find yourself in a delicious dilemma! Indulge in the unique flavours of Akita with Jappu now available from early April at Roadside Station Futatsui, alongside the traditional Babahera ice cream. Both delights are exclusive to Akita Prefecture and offer a tantalising taste of the region.

  • Try the new soft serve ice cream in Futatsui

    Delight your taste buds with this new soft serve creation at koikoi the Roadside Station restaurant, featuring a delightful blend of local raspberries from Noshiro City and blackberries from Fujisato Town.

  • Free Use of 3×3 Basketball Court
    Challenge your friends to a game at the mini basketball court behind Roadside Station Futatsui. Rent basketballs for free at the reception.

  • Enjoy Plum blossoms in rural Mitane
    Experience the fragrant allure of plum blossoms at the Kanabotoke Plum Orchard, the largest plum park in Akita Prefecture. Witness the blossoms in full bloom next week for a unique spring experience!

  • Nature Walk at Sanjugama
    Explore the scenic Sanjugama walking course tucked away in Happo’s seaside town, offering leisurely strolls amidst lush surroundings and the picturesque mountain stream Mase River. Admire the budding Butterbur sprouts adding to the serene scenery.
    🚗10 minutes by car from Hachimori Station

  • Be dazzled by the cobalt blue waters of Aoike Pond
    The popular Lake Juniko course, located in the neighbouring prefecture of Aomori, is now open to visitors starting 1 April 2024. While it falls outside the Akita Shirakami area, it remains easily accessible from Happo Town, just under an hour’s drive away.
    🚗10 minutes by car from Juniko Station
    🚌15 minutes by bus from Juniko Station

    We have experiences available year round as well! Check them out here.