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Kanabotoke Plum Orchard

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Enjoy plum blossom viewing at the largest plum park in Akita prefecture.

Kanabotoke Plum Orchard

Kanabotoke Plum Orchard (Kanabotoke Ume Koen in Japanese) is a 5.3-hectare park with approximately 2000 plum trees of five varieties; Tougorou, Koshi-no-ume, Shirakaga, Bungo, and Nankou-ume. There is a nearly 30-year old Shirakaga plum tree with white flowers blooming all over its branches that spread over 5 metres!

The wide-open spaces allow visitors to walk, even run and play around freely while enjoying the varying shades of white and pink blossoms. Unlike cherry blossoms, these flowers give off a sweet fruity smell which adds to the experience. Usually the locals celebrate the blossoming event with the traditional activity of kanbai-kai (plum blossom viewing parties). If you are in the mood for a break, there are benches inside the orchard for visitors to sit, relax and enjoy the view. There is a Kurort walking course running through this park, so in spring you can book this activity and see the plum blossoms with the friendly Akita dog Masa!

In summer, you can experience plum picking and purchase the plums harvested. Plum juice drinks, plum wine (ume shu in Japanese), processed foods and other local specialties made from the harvested plums are available for purchase at Mitane Town’s Roadside station Kotooka.


Free admission
Activity Length
30 minutes to 1 hour recommended
Operation period
Around early April
Postal Code
Hannyadai Kado, Mitane Town, Akita Prefecture
Available inside the orchard
※There is no designated car park. Feel free to park on the side as long as it does not obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Business / Company / Operator Details

三種町農業公社 (Mitane Agricultural Public Corporation)
0185-85-3188 (only Japanese available)

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