Festival Schedule – Sandcraft 2023 in Mitane

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Festival Schedule – Sandcraft 2023 in Mitane

Come see a one-of-a-kind outdoor ‘Sand Museum’ showcasing a fascinating collection of famous artworks from around the world in Mitane Town this summer!

Feel free to visit the beach for a sneak peek!
The event venue is open from Saturday, 15 July 2023 onwards for anyone interested in seeing the creation process behind the amazing sand statues prior to the festival.

Won’t make it in time for the festival?
No to worry, the venue will remain open for public viewing after the festival till 31 August 2023.

A fan of sunsets and night views?
Sand statues will be lit up at night from 29 July 2023 till 31 August 2023, so why not enjoy the breathtaking sunset over the Sea of Japan and take a relaxing stroll afterwards through the lit-up statues of the sand museum?

🅿️Parking is available on-site.

  • Fees: Visitors are required to pay an environmental maintenance cooperation fee of 500 yen at the entrance on the day of the festival.
    *It will be used to fund community efforts to keep Kamayahama Beach clean and beautiful for everyone.

⬇️More details are available to be downloaded below.

★Festival poster

★Festival Time Schedule

★Festival Venue Map