Getting a fishing pass in the Akita Shirakami area!

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Getting a fishing pass in the Akita Shirakami area!

The clean water flowing down from UNESCO World Heritage Site Shirakami Sanchi supports optimal conditions for a vast array of fish species. Within Japan, the rivers of northern Akita are particularly famous for sakura masu (cherry salmon), ayu (sweetfish) and iwana (East Asian trout) fishing. During the summer and fall months, fishing enthusiasts come from all over Japan to wait for their catch various rivers in the Akita Shirakami area including the Yoneshiro, Kasuge, and Fujikoto rivers.

Fresh iwana which can be grilled or served as sashimi.

To fish in the Akita Shirakami area’s Fujisato town, you must first obtain a tsuri-ken (fishing pass), which will give you access to three areas, and cost 1,000 JPY per day:

Fujikoto River: Anywhere
Kasuge River: Below the Torizawa/Kasuge tributary
Yoneshiro River: Between the Fujikoto/Yoneshiro River tributary and the Tokiwa/Yoneshiro River tributary

Obtaining a fishing pass

Fishing permits are available at the following places:

Mori no Eki (map)
Fujisato Commerce Chamber (map)
Resthouse Shirakami (map)
Damakko-ya (map)

Family Mart Futatsui (map)
Lawson Futatsui (map)
Tsuriken Fishing Center (map)
Shizen Kurabu (map)

Ask the staff for a tsuri-ken (fishing pass). They will take out a form like this and fill it out with you. Refer to the translation below!

  1. Precaution
    1. Passes that don’t have the issuer’s stamp are invalid.
    2. Please display the pass where it can be seen easily.
    3. Present the pass if asked to do so by the fishing ground patrol.
    4. Please do not lend your pass to other people.
    5. Please follow the orders of the fishing ground patrol. (Violation of rules may result in )
    6. Please take trash home with you and help us in keeping our environment clean!
    7. Please do not enter protected zones.
  2. Date of Issuance
  3. Type of fish
    1. Mountain stream fish
    2. Ayu (sweetfish)
    3. Ugui (Japanese dace)
    4. Koi
    5. Funa (carp)
  4. Residence
    1. Fujisato town
    2. Futatsui area
    3. Akita prefecture
    4. Outside of Akita prefecture
  5. Fishing technique
    1. Rod fishing
    2. Tomo zuri (Live decoy fishing)
    3. Dobu zuri (Traditional Japanese fly fishing)
    4. Casting net
    5. Gill net
    6. Rattle bait
  6. Fee
  7. Additional costs
  8. Total
  9. Issuer name and stamp

After paying the fee, they will give you a copy of this form. Keep it on you at all times to show as proof if necessary!

Want to get more of a feel for fishing in the Akita Shirakami area? Check out this local Youtuber’s video on fly fishing in the mountain streams!