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Junsai Hotpot

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Mitane Town's Unique 'Summer' Regional Specialty

Junsai Hotpot

Mitane Town’s Unique ‘Summer’ Regional Specialty

While hotpots are typically associated with Japan’s colder seasons, Mitane Town boasts a delightful exception: the Junsai Hotpot. This uncommon culinary treasure is a summertime favourite among locals in Akita Shirakami, and is often paired with other Akita specialties like Hinai Jidori, a native breed of chicken, creating a tantalizing fusion of flavours in the pot.

But why indulge in this hotpot during the summer months? The answer lies in the harvesting season of junsai, or watershields, which peaks between May and August. This tradition has made the Junsai Hotpot a beloved summer dish, celebrated for its refreshing taste and seasonal freshness.

Experience it first-hand: Book now for the Summer Activity – Junsai Picking in Mitane Town!

Fun Fact: Mitane Town hosts an annual World Junsai Picking Championship every summer!

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Where to try?

Here are some recommended places in our area to enjoy Junsai hotpot.
*(Note) This menu item may only be available during the harvest season from May to August.
Advance reservations are required for most stores.

Did you know?Along with Satsuma Jidori and Nagoya Cochin, Hinai Jidori is one of the three most famous chicken breeds in Japan!

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