[Winter 2023] Road Access Guide

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[Winter 2023] Road Access Guide

As of 21 November 2023
The schedule below is subject to change depending on snow and road conditions.

[Fujisato Town]

★Daira Bridge
★Dakedai Forest
★Kurumidai Camping Ground
★Mt Fujisato Komagatake: Kuroishizawa Trailhead
★Tanashiro Marsh
Closed from 5 p.m. on 22 November 2023 until 30 September 2024
★Tsurubeotoshi Pass
Closed until 30 September 2024
Nishimeya Village in Aomori Prefecture

The starred (★) locations will be inaccessible in 2024 and 2025 due to construction work on the Nishimeya Futatsui Line (Akita Prefectural Road 317). However, they will be accessible for autumn-leaf viewing from 1 October to 12 November in both years.