Away from the crowds — your 2022 guide to local cherry blossom spots in Akita this spring

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Away from the crowds — your 2022 guide to local cherry blossom spots in Akita this spring

The long-awaited sakura are finally in full-bloom here in the Akita Shirakami area!

Much loved by locals and foreign tourists alike, cherry blossoms mark the official arrival of spring in Japan.

Why not drop by these popular local hanami spots in the Akita Shirakami area this season and enjoy a couple days relaxing amongst the delicate and subtle scent of fresh white and pink sakura petals, snap some memorable photos and explore the surrounding areas for more breathtaking spring landscapes.

You may most likely come across hanami (flower viewing) events hosted by friendly local groups as well.

1. Noshiro Park Located just 15 minutes away on foot from Noshiro station, this popular local park offers the perfect space to relax amongst a mix of pink and white cherry blossom trees. Thanks to it’s ideal location on top of a hill, visitors are able to snack on cherry blossom-themed treats and enjoy refreshing spring views overlooking Noshiro City as well. Visitors can also enjoy spectacular illuminated cherry blossom views in the evening, from 6pm till 10pm, at Noshiro city hall which is located at a 7-minute walk away from the park.

2. Goshonodai Park Conveniently accessible via a train ride to Akita Shirakami station, this park welcomes visitors to take a stroll through its walking trails decorated with fresh sakura blossoms while taking in scenic views of the Sea of Japan and Oga peninsula. Hanami viewers are also encouraged to explore the nearby coast and Hachimori Isaribi Onsen Hatahata Kan to enjoy the refreshing sea breeze.

3. Kimimachizaka Park In addition to boasting an idyllic backdrop of rugged cliffs and an enticing 150-year old story of love, this park is said to have 1,500 cherry blossoms, making it a must-visit for enthusiastic sakura viewers. Spend a relaxing day and enjoy calming views of the Yoneshiro river at this tranquil park of love. Feel free to drop by Michi-no-Eki Futatsui to grab a quick meal for lunch during your visit.

4. Tahoin Temple This scenic Buddhist temple situated in the remote forests of the Noshiro city, beckons visitors for a short hidden adventure and has a history dating back to the 1400s!

5. Sozaburonuma Park With a calm lake in the center and large open spaces, this spacious park in Mitane town is highly recommended for a relaxing picnic surrounded by beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Find out more information about the cherry blossom forecast for this year here. Enjoy!