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Enjoy the blessings of the Shirakami area during your visit.
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Okina Ame Candy

A timeless candy made with a secret family recipe.

Ponpoko Yama Park Bungalows

Comfortable bungalows perfect for group travelers!

Resort Shirakami Train

A fun activity for any time of the year. See Akita's beautiful nature from the comforts of a train.

Sandcraft in Mitane Festival

Impressive sand sculptures line the beach during this annual summer festival.

Seafood from the Sea of Japan

Rich marine life blessed by the clean waters of Shirakami Sanchi.

Shinko, Japanese Dessert

The perfect Japanese sweet for those who like the traditional taste of red bean paste.

Shirakami Fall Foliage

Vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges - see the Shirakami Sanchi area transform in autumn.

Shirakami Lamb

All natural, grass-fed lamb from the Shirakami area.

Shirakami Sake

Brewed with Akita's famously delicious rice and the clean waters of World Heritage Site Shirakami S…

Shirakami Vegetables

Grown with the clean water of World Heritage Site Shirakami Sanchi, these crops are fresh and bount…

Subari Camping Ground

Offering more than just a campsite, this camping ground is great for those traveling with families.

Subari Dam

A hidden scenic spot that plays an important role in the Shirakami area.

Sunset Spots

Take a breath and see the sun set over the Sea of Japan from these prime locations.

Tenku no Fuyajo Festival

Impressive lantern floats illuminate the night sky during this annual festival.

Trekking the Beech Tree Forests

A symbol of the Shirakami Sanchi area, bathe in the tranquil forests of Dakedai and Tomeyama.


Feel the clean Shirakami water spritz on your face at these local waterfalls.