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Canoe Tour in the Shirakami Area

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Row along the Yoneshiro River and enjoy the landscape of Shirakami Sanchi from the water.

Canoe Tour in the Shirakami Area

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A 5-km course, participants can enjoy rowing along the calm waters of the Yoneshiro River in locally handcrafted canoes. This excursion is a great opportunity to see Shirakami Sanchi’s wildlife up close – from jumping fish to kites hunting for prey. In addition, participants can relax with beautiful views of the Shirakami mountains and forests all around.

Halfway through the course, take a break and enjoy “suikawari,” a popular Japanese summer game. For suikawari, participants try and smash a watermelon open while wearing a blindfold (yes, you can eat the watermelon afterwards!). If watermelons are unavailable, relax to a bonfire as you sip on coffee and grill marshmallows before starting back up on your journey.

Canoe guides accompany all tours, and begin the activity with instructions and demonstrations in both Japanese and simple English. Life jackets and waterproof sandals are also available. Click the following button to jump to the Activity Page and learn more.

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