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Unique foods. Traditional cultural experiences. Outdoor excursions.
Shirakami has it all.

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Enjoy the blessings of the Shirakami area during your visit.
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Izakaya Sakedoko Berabo

Enjoy eating and drinking among locals in this cozy Japanese-style bar.

Jappu Sherbet

This sweet and colorful sherbet has been cooling off locals for decades.

Juniko Lakes

"It's not dye?!" Bright blue Aoike Pond and Wakitsubo Pond will have you questioning your eyesight.

Kaze no Matsubara Forest

Walk through one of Japan's largest black pine groves.

Kiwi Harvesting

Pick juicy, organic kiwis at this friendly farmer's orchard.

Kumiko Woodworking

Intricate designs, made using a traditional technique.

Kimimachizaka Park

This park offers more than just beautiful scenery, it holds a history of love.

Kurumidai Camping Ground

Hidden in the forests of the Shirakami Mountains, be one with nature at this camping ground.

Lavender Fields at Ponpoko Yama Park

Fill your nose with the scent of fresh lavender as you walk through these fields.

Making Chopsticks

Remember your time in the Shirakami area with a souvenir you can make.

Michi No Eki, Roadside Stations

A great place to stop as you drive through Akita. Rest and try local foods and produce.

Mikoshi no Takiabi Festival

"Wasse, wasse!" Hear the townsmen chant as they purify a mikoshi under the Shirataki Waterfall.

Moritake Kabuki

Traditional Japanese theater with a local Akita twist.

Noshiro Berabo Kites

Traditional kites painted with a silly facial expression.

Noshiro Udon Noodles

A popular Japanese noodle made with a local recipe.

Noshiro Nebunagashi Festival

This ancient festival lives on in Noshiro City.