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A Guide to Junsai

Nicknamed "Emeralds of the Water," these water vegetables are known for their health and beauty ben…

Babahera Ice Cream

Look out for the roadside parasols on a hot day and try one of Akita's most famous treats.

Ajiro Weaving

Thin strips of wood woven together to create beautiful patterns.


Cool off at sandy beaches or rocky shorelines during the hot summer months.

Bird Migration at Otomonuma Marsh

See hundreds of migrating wild birds rest, and take off at this hidden marsh.

Boschetto Bakery

The warm and inviting smell of fresh bread will have your mouth watering as soon as you walk in.

Build a Canoe

Ride down the Yoneshiro River in your own creation.

Canoe Tour in the Shirakami Area

Row along the Yoneshiro River and enjoy the landscape of Shirakami Sanchi from the water.

Cherry Blossoms

Leave the crowds and enjoy Japan's cherry blossoms in our quiet part of Akita Prefecture.

Damako Nabe Cooking Lesson

Try cooking up Akita's popular household meal with locals.

Farm Stays in Fujisato Town

Experience countryside living with the warm and welcoming people of Fujisato Town. Genkijuku NPO…

Fujikoto Harvest Dance Festival

Hear the clanging of armor as townsmen dance and parade in the streets with fake horse costumes.

Goshonodai Camping Ground

Convenient and breathtaking, walk and watch the sun set over the Sea of Japan.

¥1,000 ~

Grilled Squid

Fresh squid caught off of Akita's coast, grilled and seasoned to perfection.

Hachimori Kankoichi Market

Take a walk through this local weekend market.

Hiking in Shirakami Sanchi

Hike the area's lush mountains and see sweeping views of the Shirakami Sanchi World Natural Heritag…